Shrimps Book Club

Cult classics develops their die hard following because a small niche of people are able to identify genius where others see confusion. I don’t think any novel sums that up better than one of my all time favorites Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas By Hunter S. Thompson. Long live Dr. Gonzo!

Shrimp’s Book Club 3/10

This is the first installment of the Monthly  book recommendations of some high quality literature because the written word isn’t dead. Read a book it won’t kill you shlubs!

Week of March 10th: Narricisus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

This month’s recommendation invites you to get in touch with your zen side in the crazy ides of march during the ensuing days of March Madness to come.  Hopefully after reading you’ll be more Enlighten and able to pick some absolute locks by the Final Four. It’s a good story about friendship and finding yourself give it a try it’s very short.