Thought From a 🍤

If every golfer took the patience and acceptance they use on the course gand applied that to the Middle East we would’ve had that  problem solved yesterday – 🍤

Shrimp’s Book Club 3/10

This is the first installment of the Monthly  book recommendations of some high quality literature because the written word isn’t dead. Read a book it won’t kill you shlubs!

Week of March 10th: Narricisus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

This month’s recommendation invites you to get in touch with your zen side in the crazy ides of march during the ensuing days of March Madness to come.  Hopefully after reading you’ll be more Enlighten and able to pick some absolute locks by the Final Four. It’s a good story about friendship and finding yourself give it a try it’s very short.




Contradictions of Life

Life isn’t what it seems.

We revel in the freedom of desperation.

We oscillate between the misconceptions of misery.

We seek out the elegance in tragedy.

Pain focalizes the mind and body on the immediate, shining light on the ebbs and flows of public opinion.

Only when you illuminate the contradictions of life can you begin to rectify them.